Thursday, July 14, 2011

July news

apologies for the delay in newsletter updates—here's one written by wwoofer Max

Greetings CSA folk!

It is officially summer and around these parts that means lots of pond jumping, fresh veggies and afternoon siestas. But amidst all the fun we're having dangling off the rope swing and snoozing on the porch to escape the midday sun, we're working hard to bring our friends and neighbors the wholesome food they love!

Our wood-fired oven is up and running, cranking out bread that is even better than before. Our barn/bakery is also finished, as long as you aren't counting the walls. The new oven is truly impressive and the only thing more exciting than the delicious breads it bakes, was watching it get built. Two Spaniards were deployed from Valencia to build the 14-foot diameter, rotating oven in ten days. They say Rome wasn't built overnight, but if these guys had anything to do with it, it could've been done in a week.

Our crew this year is really special and without them, we'd have a lot of disappointed faces at our CSA pickups—which are now being held in our freshly roofed farm stand. We're working in the fields six days a week to make sure our plants are happy and get all the love they need to produce delicious food. Our greenhouses are bustling with ripening tomatoes, our chickens are clucking happily as they peck through food scraps for tasty insects and we harvested a zucchini a few nights ago that was bigger than Eden.

Meanwhile, our kitchen remains a hive of activity. With the help of Craigslist, Oliver has successfully amassed a collection of commercial food processors, enormous dough mixers (150 quarts- oy vey!) and other kitchen doohickeys to help us make increasing amounts of V.T. Goldburgers, Hoomoos, pesto, cumin crackers.

Sure the work is hard and the days are long, but it's all worth it when we see our friends coming together over our food. Our buzz is growing and we couldn't be more thankful to our loyal friends and CSA members for supporting us as we continue to build our farm and bakery and work out the kinks.

So come see us at the farmers markets in Manchester on Thursday, Londonderry on Saturday or Dorset on Sunday. Or come visit us at the farm and try one of our tasty breads. We're even making a chocolate loaf- yup, chocolate.  And if you happen to eat at the Equinox Hotel's Marsh Tavern or have a sandwich at the Manchester Bar and Grill, you'll be enjoying genuine Earth Sky Time bread.  (Gotta pay for that oven somehow!)


-Max & the wwoofs