Sunday, March 13, 2011

Re: CSA!!!

Dear csa folks

Just an update from the farm. Busy as ever. New season, new projects. The markets are over, the greenhouse crunch time begins. Planted 160,000 onions last week. Still picking away at the last of the cold hardy winter greens. This year we are going to try planting a bed of super early peas up the north side of our heated greenhouse.

The veggie burger business goes strong, now in the co-ops of Burlington, Montpelier, Middlebury, Brattleboro, Cambridge and Albany (and locally at New Morning and JK Adams). We sent in the deposit on our new brick oven, which is coming in May. Lots to do to get ready for that. The bread was a hit at the Dorset market this winter and will be available at all 3 local farmers markets this summer (Manchester, Dorset and now Londonderry) and we've got a real structure for CSA pickups this year- no more little tent moving around the yard. Yes, we are getting pretty serious. But we are still our nutty selves and we are continually grateful for the support you all have given us over the years.

We've gotten renewals from many of you but we want to remind folks to sign up before the end of march to receive your $20 credit. If you aren't planning to sign up this year, let us know why. We won't be mad, and it could help us improve. Anyway, we promise to do a better job with newsletters this year, and to eventually get a good recipe page up on our website. Other than that, we plan to just keep being our happily busy selves growing lots of healthy food and we hope to see you soon. Also if you'd like us to start any specific plants for your home gardens, we'd be happy to do so. And please stop by in May for the finest (and cheapest) certified organic veggie and flower plants around. If you can't wait til may to see us, stop by for eggs, fresh bread and greens on Fridays from 2-4. 

As I write this, my mind wanders to the natural disaster in Japan and the chaos in the middle east and the global scourge of climate change. I think we all long for safety and stability, for ecological sustainability and political sanity. I am grateful to live in Vermont- for this amazing snowy winter, for our relatively progressive government, and the clean air and water we enjoy. For the open (albeit overpriced) landscape, and the fertility of the soil. My family and I are living a dream and we thank you for helping us bring it to fruition. Let's be good to each other!

the farm team

   Bonnie on skis outside our new farmstand

   Oliver and Bonnie testing out the Llopis oven at our friend Noah's bakery in New Hampshire. We just ordered our own!

Bonnie and Oliver Levis

1547 Main st. Manchester Ctr, VT 05255
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