Friday, June 3, 2011

CSA time

Hello CSA friends


We hope everyone is excited for good veggies because pick ups begin next week- Tuesday June 7th from 12-1 or Friday June10th from 4-6.  Plan for lots of greens because that's what spring in the garden is all about.  Some herbs will be ready for home made salad dressing too.  

It's been a time of exciting progress here—the baking barn is a work of art that has been a pleasure for us to watch unfold. John Newton's timberframe crew has been amazing. We inaugurated the new barn with a rocking karaoke birthday party for me (Bonnie) and as of this morning, it is completely filled with pallets of oven parts. During both pick ups this week you'll be able to witness its construction. Francisco and Antonio will be here building it for about a week and then the baking frenzy begins.

This, of course, in the middle of making around 1000 goldburgers per week, doing three farmers markets, getting everything planted into the fields and greenhouses, and taking care of what's already planted.  We have an especially awesome team this season and we are so psyched to continue to grow with them. 

Looking forward to seeing you all next week, and feel free to stop by the markets this weekend if you cant wait till then.