Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello CSA friends!

It's been quite a while since our last newsletter. Lots to report around here.  The kids have been growing faster than spring radishes. Guv's year in kindergarten has been chock full of academics; he's been finding his newfound writing skills very useful- especially for writing hardware store shopping lists for invention supplies.  He's just like Oliver (oy vey!).  Talula has miraculously turned into our easiest child and really likes pink frilly things and talks about her ballet class incessantly (we truly have no idea where she got this from).  Eden is talking up a storm and recently informed me that he was drawing an ipod.

We've been busy harvesting our cold hardy greens all winter, but we've also been taking our VT Goldburgers to the next level. They are now certified organic, we just ordered 5000 spiffy new labels, and we are busy getting them into stores all around VT.  We're on the cusp of the pieces all coming together.  While this type of marketing is not our forte, we're excited to be expanding this delicious aspect of our business.

And there is yet another culinary adventure on the horizon.  Many of you have been shopping at the winter farmers market at JK Adams and have tasted Oliver's fabulous sourdough breads.  He's ready to kick it up a few hundred notches and has his eye on a magnificent super fancy Spanish wood burning oven.  Taking on this project (which would involve flying actual Spaniards over to install it into the addition we would have to build) is a huge financial leap, but it will allow us to exponentially expand the bread baking and support ramped up production of the Goldburgers.  We can also bake our granola and open sesame crackers as well as multitudes of other creations that will be sure to follow.  We're in the figuring it out financially stage and will keep you posted.

2011 is shaping up to be a great season.  We've been working in the greenhouse this week, and are preparing to plant onions, parsley and the earliest tomatoes next week. It is great to start with momentum from the fantastic response of customers at the winter market, excitement for new projects in the works, and for the great wwoofer team that is forming.  We're going to have some wonderful returning wwoofers, so look out for familiar faces.  We hope to see familiar CSA faces too.  We're proud not to be raising our prices for the 4th year in a row.  And we are offering an early bird special for renewing members- $20 in credit towards purchases made at our new farm stand (oh yeah-another project!).

the sign up form and bread share info is all on our website while there, check out our latest slide show.

think spring!
Bonnie and Oliver Levis

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